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Equatorial Guinea – Decree no. 45/2020, Relaxation of the state of sanitary alarm

Equatorial Guinea – Decree no. 45/2020, Relaxation of the state of sanitary alarm

The President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea approved the Decree no. 45/2020, dated 15 June 2020, related to the reduction of confinement measures and restrictions on population’s mobility throughout Equatorial Guinea.

Main measures approved:

• Full freedom of movement will be applied only between the cities of Malabo and Bata.
• The lifting of the state of sanitary alarm of the general confinement of the population and the reinforcement of public health control measures will be carried out in four phases, according to the following criteria:

o PHASE I: relaxation of the state of sanitary alarm and reinforcement of public health
control measures;
o PHASE II: evaluation of public health measures;
o PHASE III: stabilization of transmission or contagion;
o PHASE IV: end of the state of health alert.

• In the first phase, the following measures must be adopted:

o All public establishments, hospitals, markets, supermarkets, banks, airports and first aid premises will adopt the appropriate infection prevention and control measures such as physical distance, hand washing and disinfection, respiratory precautions and, if it is possible, taking body temperature.
o The Public Administration and the Private Sector will promote practices such as teleworking and in shifts, in order to reduce de clustering of persons in public areas.
o The use of masks in open spaces, public places, public transport and in private vehicles if accompanied by other people is mandatory and necessary.
o In all companies with more than ten employees, public administrative centres, banks, autonomous entities, public places, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, public and private schools, the management must mandatory have infrared thermometers on a for taking temperature and disinfecting gel, as well as strictly complying with the established distance measures and proceed with disinfection of the facilities on a daily basis before the beginning of the next working day.
o The management (for instance of a private company) must guarantee that its employees comply with the mandatory use of face masks and gloves and provide the necessary means for constant hand wash with water and soap.

International and national flights are open, as well as national and international maritime transport of goods and people with the conditions indicated below: All passengers who come from abroad must have a negative PCR certificate made in the previous 48 hours. Those
passengers who do not have it will undergo this test in Equatorial Guinea, assuming the costs of this test themselves, as well as hotel accommodation while awaiting the results of the test. A quarantine of 14 days must be complied with. Symptomatic individuals will be placed in health centres for treatment.





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