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The latest measures taken in Equatorial Guinea against the COVID-19

The latest measures taken in Equatorial Guinea against the COVID-19

Due to the recent declaration of pandemic (worldwide spread) of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) by the World Health Organization, the spokesperson of the Government, Mr Eugenio Nze Obiang, communicated during a press conference held on 12 March 2020, the following governmental measures taken to prevent and control the outbreak.

The application of these measures comes into effect as of March 15 2020, and will have a duration of thirty days, renewable according to the evolution of the crisis.

The most relevant measures are:

  • The flights of the international airlines operating in Equatorial Guinea: Air France, Air
    Royal Maroc, Ceiba Intercontinental, Ethiopian Airlines, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines
    are reduced to once a week.
  • All maritime and air land borders are closed, with the exception of ships that bring
    commercial merchandise, work materials and equipment to the country, cargo transport
    flights, as well as the flights previously indicated.
  • All travellers from affected countries, both nationals and expatriates must be quarantined for the same fourteen-day period so that they will not be able to leave the designated place, unless they present an authorization issued by the health personnel member of the Technical Committee for Response and Surveillance of the new Coronavirus.
  • The granting of entry visas to Equatorial Guinea is prohibited to all Equatorial Guinean diplomatic missions abroad.

These measures will remain in effect until the threat of contagion and spread of the new coronavirus ceases, when declared by the World Health Organization.

LI&P is undertaking all efforts to obtain a response from the Government of Equatorial Guinea in order to know if there will be any exceptional regime applied to the hydrocarbon sector.



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