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The Minister of Civil Aviation signed the Circular Letter No. 005/2020.

The Minister of Civil Aviation signed the Circular Letter No. 005/2020.

The Minister of Civil Aviation signed the Circular Letter No. 005/2020 regarding the reopening of international flights.

The Minister of Civil Aviation, Leandro Miko Angüe, has recently signed the Circular Letter No. 005/2020 dated 30 June 2020, stating that, in compliance with Decree no. 45/2020, dated 15 June 2020 (concerning the relaxation of the containment measures caused by COVID-19), all airlines companies with activities in Equatorial Guinea that the boarding of passengers, during the first phase of relaxation, is subject to reciprocity in force of the country of origin of the passenger (except in case of special authorizations).

Citizens of the countries that restrict the entry to Equatorial Guinea nationals in their territories, will not be authorized to disembark in Equatorial Guinea.

Airlines must verify the restrictions applicable in the country of origin of each passenger. Equatorial Guinea is not included in the list of countries whose citizens are admitted into the territory of the Member States of the European Union.

Please note that any country from the European Union can unilaterally decide to allow the entry of EG citizens. Also, other authorities in EG as those in charge to grant the visas decided until now to allow the entry of foreigners with a valid visa insofar as they were showing a COVID-19 negative test which result was obtained latest 48 hours before their arrival in country.




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